More than 1,000 workers at energy generator TransGrid, and distributor Endeavour Energy, will walk off the job in two separate 24-hour strikes in an effort to improve wages in wake of cost of a living crisis.

Electrical Trades Union members will rally at Parramatta Square for a wage deal that keeps pace with increased living costs. 

The Union states that at Endeavour Energy wages have risen 10.5 per cent since 2019 while inflation is up 18 per cent. At Transgrid, wages have increased eight per cent over the same period.

Endeavour Energy corporate overhead costs are reported to be in excess of 400 per cent over the same period.

Electrical Trades Union New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory Secretary, Allen Hicks, said that privatised energy operators are raking it in, while workers’ pay has plummeted in real terms.

“Workers simply cannot afford to keep going backwards. Pay rises have moved at half the rate of inflation. Take home pay is shrinking.” 

The protected industrial action will push out the maintenance backlog and disrupt operations including at Transgrid’s 900km, $2.3 billion electricity interconnector, EnergyConnect.

“We’ll continue ramping up industrial action until these bosses agree to sit down and agree to a pay deal that recognises the surging cost of living,” Mr Hicks said. 

“The deal we are after for members will help energy workers catch up. Inflation is coming under control, and workers need a fair go.”

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