Yarra Valley Water is investing $14.7 million to install water and sewer services along a major road in Craigieburn (VIC).

Donnybrook Road is the site of a number of projects, including the construction of a branch sewer, a potable water main and a recycled water main in preparation for new developments in the area. The construction, totalling 12kms of pipe work, commenced earlier this year and is expected to be completed by mid-2015.

According to Pat McCafferty, Managing Director, this is a prime example of Yarra Valley Water working to meet demands from a growing community. “Yarra Valley Water is investing in infrastructure which will support future growth and meet the needs of our customers both now and into the future, ensuring sustainable water security for the region” said Mr McCafferty.

“We are working alongside the developers and other utility companies in the area to ensure that we are placing our infrastructure in the most effective locations and using our resources in the most efficient way.

“4km of recycled water main from the Mt Ridley Recycled Reservoir will also feed into the Donnybrook Road construction, and will eventually supply new developments around the Donnybrook Road area with recycled water”.

The urban growth boundary will expand by 2040 and it is expected that there will be at least 260,000 more people living in Melbourne’s north, consuming more than 17,000 ML of water each year.

“Yarra Valley Water is investing more than $400 million in drinking water, sewerage and recycled water infrastructure in Melbourne’s bustling Northern Growth Corridor over the next five years. The work will benefit towns across Hume, Mitchell and Whittlesea as the area experiences a growth in population, new housing and businesses.

“We are actively preparing to supply these new customers with water and sanitation services in a way that prevents further and future strain on the environment” added Mr McCafferty.



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