A Modern Hydrogen Tank For Renewable Energy

Both sides of Federal politics have endorsed a $140 million funding commitment for two new Hydrogen hubs in Western Australia.

The funding will be used to develop Hydrogen hubs at Pilbara and Kwinana.

The bipartisan Federal commitment follows the State Government’s significant work to support Western Australia’s growing hydrogen industry, with the State Government already investing over $100 million.

Western Australian Hydrogen Industry Minister, Alannah MacTiernan, has welcomed bipartisan Federal support.

“It is great to have Federal Liberal and Labor support for our green hydrogen projects in Western Australia,” Ms MacTiernan said.

“This $140 million commitment will supercharge our renewable hydrogen industry, helping to stimulate local demand for hydrogen and get production projects off the ground.

“Both the Pilbara and Kwinana projects present terrific opportunities for Western Australia and we are glad both sides of Federal politics have thrown their support behind them.

“It is disappointing that the Federal Government has overlooked the Oakajee project, but we will continue to make the case to the Commonwealth.

“Renewable hydrogen presents a big opportunity for industries right across Western Australia to reduce their emissions and embrace a cleaner future, and our funding commitment to demand stimulation will help companies take that leap.”

The State Government has already budgeted $70 million to support the $140 million Pilbara Hydrogen Hub, with a range of local and international private partners.

The State Government also previously provided $300,000 to support a feasibility study for BP Australia Pty Ltd’s $252.5 million H2Kwinana Clean Hydrogen Industrial Hub.

It is estimated that the two new hubs in Kwinana and the Pilbara will create more than 3,600 jobs and attract more than $410 million of new private and public investment to Western Australia.

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