Marking the first in a series of exciting range extensions to the ISO Plugs, Sockets and Switches offering, NHP is pleased to announce the introduction of the ISO 20A Flat Pin Plug and Socket.

Within this range extension, three series are being released including the 20A Flat Pin plugs, 20A Flat Pin Socket Outlets, and 20A Flat Pin Switched Socket Outlet. This addition to the flat pin range incorporates a range of new features that will lead the market in flexibility and installation time savings.

These features include a 20mm male cable gland entry that can be changed out to suit various gland types such as corrugated conduit, anaconda, rigid conduit and standard cable glands. Ideal for commercial to industrial applications of any category, the 20A Flat Pin Plug and Socket also features a swing away internal cord grip, allowing faster installation times and fewer components.

Available in standard and resistant orange types for the plugs, and grey, resistant orange and resistant white for the socket outlets, a laser printed label on the body also ensures increased safety in food and beverage applications by reducing need for adhesive labels.

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable plug, socket and switching solution, the 20A Flat pin and extended ISO range is your local choice backed by local service and support.

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