A $4 million project to upgrade key water infrastructure servicing the Latrobe Valley in Victoria is now complete.

The project involved a major upgrade to the 30km Tyers River Conduit, which was built in the 1960s to supply water to the Latrobe Valley from Moondarra Reservoir.

General Manager Customer and Community, Paul Clark, said that the work will extend the life of the conduit for decades to come.

“The conduit is a series of pipes, tunnels and pump stations that convey water to homes, businesses and industry.

“More than 100 million litres of water pass through the conduit each day. It’s absolutely essential to our customers in the Latrobe Valley that we keep the system in top condition and fully functional,” Mr Clark said.

Initial work involved replacing four intake valves in the tower at Moondarra Reservoir. Further work was then undertaken on the tunnels along the route to reline aging concrete sections with new glass fibre reinforced plastic pipes.

“After being in continuous use since the 1960s, the 1.5m wide tunnels were showing signs of age. They were nearing the end of their useful life,” Mr Clark said.

“We temporarily diverted the water through alternative routes while the new lining was inserted and anchored in place.

“The work was completed successfully and the upgraded conduit is now carrying the full water flow,” Mr Clark said.



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