The $6.4 million contract to lay an extensive network of sewer pipes in a major project to connect sewerage to Loch Sport has been awarded to Gippsland company Maffra Trenching and Boring.

The company, which has done similar work at Coongulla Glenmaggie, will connect around 65 kilometres of sewer pipes and associated fittings within the township of Loch Sport.

“We are a Gippsland corporation so we are particularly pleased that we were able to award such a significant contract to a Gippsland contractor,” the Managing Director of Gippsland Water, David Mawer, said.

“It is great to see a local business securing the work following a nationally competitive tendering process. We have worked with Maffra Trenching and Boring on previous projects and welcome the chance to work with them again. It is a significant investment in our region.”

The contract was one of three awarded by Gippsland Water as part of the $40.3 million Loch Sport Sewage Scheme project.

Sydney’s Ledonne Construction won a $3.8 million contract to construct two new sewage pumping stations, while Victorian company Pressure Sewer Services Australia won a $6.48 million contract to design, install, test and commission 1,622 pressure sewer systems.

All contractors must operate according to an endorsed Environmental Management Plan to protect ecologically valuable vegetation and manage the high water table and soil conditions in the area.

“Gippsland Water is committed to protecting our environment and all of our contractors will follow a strict management plan to make sure they do that,” Mr Mawer said.

The Loch Sport community can engage with the project team and contractors through a single shop front which will be open in December.

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