A $600,000 project to lengthen the current recycled water main in Craigieburn (VIC) will soon begin. The extension aims to extend the main into new areas and cater for the region’s growth.

Lisa Fragomeni, Project Manager, said that the additional 1km of water main will connect to the Mount Ridley recycled water tank.

“The 10 megalitre recycled water tank at Mount Ridley supplies Craigieburn and Epping North. The increase in recycled water use helps reduce the reliance on drinking water. Every year more than 40% of our water is used for purposes that don’t require water to be drinking quality,” Ms Fragomeni said.

“By extending the recycled water main more customers will be able to use recycled water to wash their clothes, water their garden and clean their cars without having to use precious drinking water supplies.

“Building recycled water infrastructure is important because it allows us to safeguard drinking water supplies by supplementing drinking water on activities where we can.

“Work is expected to be completed by the end of September dependent upon weather and ground conditions. Traffic management will be in place where necessary, to ease the flow of traffic and reduce the impact on the local community as much as possible.”

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