SA Water is planning to invest $8 million to renew trunk mains in Silkes and Gorge roads in Paradise, replacing old mains and improving the flexibility of the area’s water supply network.

A technique called ‘slip-lining’ will insert a new pipe inside approximately 1,000m of existing offline trunk main on Gorge Road, while approximately 1,500m of new trunk main will be trenched along a new alignment in Silkes Road.

Slip-lining pulls a new long continuous pipe through an existing host pipe, with the space between them filled with grout.

In March 2016, a series of valve operations resulted in a significant pressure surge that caused seven breaks on three trunk mains in Campbelltown and Paradise, and considerable localised flooding.

Sections of trunk main were permanently removed from service, with customers in the area receiving supply from alternate pipes.

Minister for Water, Ian Hunter, said the investment will restore some of the capacity and flexibility in the network that was reduced after trunk mains that experienced breaks were decommissioned.

“SA Water has undergone significant change over the last 18 months to refocus its operations on delivering improved outcomes for its customers on a daily basis, and when a water main break occurs,” Mr Hunter said.

SA Water Chief Executive, Roch Cheroux, said, “We’re working hard to put our customers at the heart of everything we do, and in a practical way this means understanding the experiences of those affected by last year’s incident and prioritising network investment that prevents a recurrence.

“Our response to water main breaks has also greatly improved, with our new Community Support team mobilising quickly across the metropolitan area to support our customers during and after the process of repairing breaks and leaks.”

Construction is expected to begin in early 2018 and take approximately six months to complete.

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