New equipment that can carry out an instantaneous, cable-free look into sewers and stormwater pipelines is making assessing pipeline conditions faster, easier and cheaper.

The SECA Quickview airHD is a pole-mounted camera that captures high-definition (HD) video and still pictures from inside pipelines and transmits live images wirelessly to a touchscreen tablet.

The Quickview airHD allows businesses to prioritise and plan maintenance and rehabilitation work, while meeting regulatory requirements.

The Quickview airHD’s high-sensitivity HD camera has powerful zoom optics of 30X optical/10X digital, while the Quad Haloptic light uses four offset lamp pairs to surround the camera with light and illuminate further into the pipe over long distances.

Not needing to rely on handheld adjustments for view alignment, the Quickview airHD’s motorized tilt uses the touchscreen to adjust camera angle to over a 40-degree range.

The design also allows the user to easily centre the camera by pressing down on the foot’s gas spring until the view is centered in the pipe, with a ratchet holding the camera in position.

Collapsible to a 1.2m length, the pole unfolds to a length of eight feet, with each half able to ‘telescope’ further to extend to a total length of 5m. The pole can be stabilised at the top using a detachable bipod once it has been positioned in the manhole.

The equipment’s wireless control also allows live video sharing on multiple devices. Devices can connect to any Quickview airHD that is in range, using control or view-only mode.

Video and still images can be captured and uploaded to the media library, in which users can view thumbnails and review, annotate and share files.

On-screen text display is also fully configurable, such as changing text color and position or controlling variables like tilt and zoom.

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