How do you optimise a level sensor that already has everything: the best focusing, highest accuracy, simple operation and universal communication? What sounds like an obvious question has led VEGA to create much more than just an even better sensor.

When using the new VEGAPULS 6X, it’s not just the sensor that counts, but what can be achieved with its application: simply better processes.

Traditionally, the search for a suitable radar sensor begins with the question, which frequency would work best for this particular application? Is it 26 GHz, 80 GHz, or perhaps 6GHz? This is followed by considerations about the properties of the media and how it could influence the measurement, as well as the specific installation environment.

Furthermore, the temperature range or the presence of aggressive chemicals may give cause for concern. Will a standard process fitting be sufficient, or would special materials that meet the highest requirements be the right choice, if only because the user is not completely sure and wants to be on the safe side? What else should be considered if the sensor is to measure great distances or be exposed to wind and weather all year round?

These and countless other questions make one thing clear, customers have a large variety of radar sensors to choose from, and they need to make the right choice. Because the areas of application are becoming more multi-faceted and processes more complex, the buyer needs a good understanding and overview of what’s on offer on the market. It takes the right know-how, experience and time to avoid making costly bad investments and get a reliable measuring system.

A new certainty: one for everything

Until now, choosing an instrument was a laborious process and often involved a lot of questions and product research. VEGA is now turning this process inside out with its new VEGAPULS 6X.

“Ultimately, it’s not the sensor that counts, but what the users can achieve with it in their individual applications,” Florian Burgert, one of the product managers who has been closely involved in the development from the very beginning, said.

With Vegapuls 6x, Vega has turned the traditional way of choosing an instrument inside out. There is now only one radar sensor – but it is suitable for all applications.

“Just knowing that they’ve chosen the best possible instrument solution, and that they’ll reach their goal faster with it, makes a big difference in their everyday operations.”

VEGA now offers one sensor for all applications: VEGAPULS 6X. Selecting the right frequency or determining the DK value of the medium are no longer obstacles, because choosing the right sensor specifications has become much easier.

The new configurator asks for the type of application and then quickly determines which sensor version is required. The entire procedure now consists of just a few mouse clicks. Of course, an advisory discussion with a VEGA radar specialist is still a good alternative to the configurator.

In any case, the result is unprecedented simplicity for users and a measurement solution that delivers perfect results independently of the media properties, process conditions, vessel shapes and internal installations.

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