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In the vast and diverse landscape of Australia, regional and remote communities face unique challenges when it comes to water management. However, with the advent of digital metering and the Internet of Things (IoT) water technologies, these groups are poised to unlock a new era of efficiency, sustainability, and resilience. 

In a bid to realise these benefits, SUEZ and Nucleus3 have united to revolutionise water management in regional and remote areas across the country using WIZE technology.

Digital technologies connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) are the beating heart of smart cities. But when we picture smart cities, we envisage densely populated urban areas with robust ICT infrastructure, including high-speed internet connectivity, wireless networks, and data centres. What about regional communities?

While the concept of smart cities is typically associated with large urban areas, regional and remote communities have adopted elements of smart city technologies; especially when it comes to managing their water infrastructure. 

These groups constantly grapple with water scarcity, often exacerbated by arid climates and drought, leading to greater non-revenue water (NRW) than any other area in Australia. 

Access to clean and sufficient water for daily needs, agriculture, and livestock becomes a constant struggle. Ageing infrastructure compounds the problem, leading to leaks, inaccurate metering, inefficient distribution, and limited expansion of water services.

In a collaborative partnership, SUEZ and IT service provider, Nucleus3, have made it their mission to help rural communities tackle these challenges with a digital water management technology that makes a difference.

The ‘WIZE’ answer

The partnership focuses on the distribution of WIZE smart meters to regional parts of Australia. WIZE technology is a long range, Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology designed to connect hard-to-access objects and deliver high-quality, secure information for IoT applications.

For Nucleus3’s Head of Delivery and Customer Outcomes, Tina Le, WIZE will be used as a guidance tool to help clients monitor water usage, detect leaks in real-time, and optimise their distribution networks.

“Our strategic partnership with SUEZ enables us to provide regional customers with options using actionable insights that are relevant to their geographies. With WIZE technology, we can guide them, not dictate to them,” Ms Le said. 

Nucleus3 also provides various IT/IoT offerings from major service providers such as Telstra and Itron. By partnering with SUEZ, the two companies can combine customised solutions to develop packages depending on clients’ needs.

“We recognise the importance of a tailored approach to how we deliver digital water solutions for our clients,” Ms Le said. 

“In regional and remote areas, everyone is faced with their own unique challenges. These could involve water scarcity, infrastructure limitations, heat evaporation rates, or limited access to monitoring services. 

“Under our partnership with SUEZ, we can use WIZE technology to leverage flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to meet the specific needs of remote communities.”

Making every drop count

Water has long been coined as our most precious resource, and in Australia’s regional landscape, this is more important than ever. 

Non-revenue water (NRW), for example, has long plagued regional communities, straining both their resources and finances. NRW refers to water that is lost or unaccounted for in the distribution system, including leaks, unauthorised consumption, and inaccurate metering.

According to SUEZ’s Business Development Manager – Smart Metering, Laurence Daly, SUEZ’s partnership with Nucleus3 will play a crucial role in helping regional parts of Australia address NRW challenges. 

“By coupling our WIZE technology with advanced service offerings from other market leaders in the tech industry, we’re helping clients pick up where, when and how their water loss is happening,” Mr Daly said.

“Our partnership with Nucleus3 achieves that through technologies that enable continuous monitoring, timely repairs, accurate metering, and proactive maintenance; all of which are key components of a successful NRW reduction strategy.

“But the SUEZ and Nucleus3 partnership is more than just technologies – it’s about providing accuracy and reliability to clients and their end-users. Together, we can ensure that every drop of water is accounted for. We can help regional and remote areas reduce wastage, optimise resource allocation, and ultimately take better control of their water infrastructure.”

With digital water projects already underway in Longreach and Mt Isa, QLD; Central Highlands and Shepparton, VIC; SUEZ and Nucleus3 are set to help regional Australia secure a sustainable water future for generations to come. 

About SUEZ:

Faced with growing environmental challenges, SUEZ has been delivering essential services that protect and improve our quality of life for more than 160 years. SUEZ provides its customers with innovative and resilient solutions for water and waste services. With 40 000 employees across 40 countries, the Group works with customers to create value over the full lifecycle of their assets and services, and to drive their low carbon transition. In 2022, SUEZ provided drinking water for 68 million people worldwide and sanitation services for more than 37 million people.  The Group generated 3.7 TWh of energy from waste and wastewater and avoided 4 million tons of CO2 emissions. SUEZ generates revenues of 9 billion euros. For more information: www.suez.com/ Twitter @suez

About Nucleus3:

Over the journey Nucleus3 has established itself as a highly valued consultancy and systems integrator that assists organisations to drive and deliver operational value across all parts of the business including strategy, implementation and support. Nucleus3 is a customer centric organisation that focuses on delivering the outcomes for asset intensive organisations, predominantly utilities, telecommunications and local councils.

Nucleus3 provides the flexibility of local and blended delivery models that allows our customers to structure their programs of work to meet their time frames and objectives with a strong team of consultants who have extensive industry experience across the entire spectrum of the delivery model.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Suez. For more information on how SUEZ can help councils improve their water and wastewater infrastructure, please visit www.suez.com/en/australia-new-zealand.

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