Featured image: Eliza Forster, Minor Capital Delivery Manager with fellow industry members. Courtesy of Ozwater.

Programmed has been a proud supporter and sponsor of OzWater for the past few years. Ozwater is the peak water industry conference run by the Australian Water Association (AWA). Ozwater was founded to connect passionate water executives, both young and experienced, to drive a sustainable water future. 

The 2024 theme, accelerating action, was a rallying cry to the community to address the vital role water must play in the current climate crisis. Together, powerful movement towards a sustainable water future can be ignited.  

The conference was held in Melbourne from 29 April to 3 May 2024 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. It attracted more than 5,000 delegates from water companies, partners and suppliers across Australia. 

Ozwater said that now is the time to accelerate action and create a sustainable water future for generations to come.  

The theme of being able to thrive in a better, safer future resonated strongly with Programmed delegates and the company’s work in the water sector. Programmed’s Ozwater delegates shared their key highlights and takeaways, which they will use in their day-to-day work as they explore actionable strategies. 

Programmed Maintenance Engineer, Kathy Hondros, said, “The sessions helped confirm that however different various organisations are when it comes to the services they provide in the water sector, all of us are quite similar in a way when it comes to our approach which goes to show that we are all on the right path.” 

Programmed Service Delivery Manager, Kevin Hazelwood, said, “Attending the Asset Management Planning and Delivery – Making Bold Change session hosted by our very own Gary Monaghan was a highlight for me. We heard stories from around the industry who have devised innovative solutions to some asset management challenges.  

“Moreover, attending a discussion on Hydrogen Energy and how its demand for water means it will be heavily tied into water boards. It was interesting to hear some of the innovations in the industry, the new challenges faced, and how the industry was responding to the changing energy climate while still keeping the communities front of mind.”      

Programmed Service Manager, Gary Monaghan, said, “The AWA opened up Ozwater  with some inspirational speakers and a smoking ceremony, which I have never experienced before since migrating to Australia 15 years ago!  

“I also found the Water Leaders Forum exciting, and it was great that Programmed was called out for its efforts to plug the gender pay gap. It made me feel very proud to be part of an organisation that demonstrates its core values. This conversation continued at the table where I was seated for the gala dinner. I also found the stream I chaired inspiring due to the posters and technical presentations delivered by passionate water professionals who truly focus on better outcomes for their employees and the community they serve.” 

Featured image: Eliza Forster, Minor Capital Delivery Manager with fellow industry members. Courtesy of Ozwater. 

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