As a supplier and trainer of detection equipment, Access Detection is able to assist our clients in selecting the best equipment for their needs.

We offer the only authorised service and manufacturer calibration service for Rycom instruments, Sewerin Water leak & Gas detection equipment and can also repair IDS GPR systems. All equipment is serviced here in Australia. We offer both in house training or can offer fully accredited Australian industry recognised locator courses for our clients.

Rycom Instruments

Rycom Instruments have been producing locators for the utility industry for over 60 years and offer an excellent range of locators to suit all budgets. The new Rycom V3 series offers new features normally found in more expensive locators. The Rycom CAP V3 was developed by Access Detection and Rycom and is a proven versatile easy to use cable avoidance tool. The units have recently been purchased by Sydney Water and Hunter Water for its simplicity of use while still retaining excellent accuracy. The new Rycom 8869 V3 has been popular with both councils and NBN contractors due to the extra features, frequencies and 3 watt transmitter making it one of the most affordable units. Access Detection is the only authorised service centre for Rycom instruments here in Australia and the only company to offer full factory calibration services for this new series.

IDS GPR systems

Access Detection have been working with IDS Australasia for just over 3 years and in this time have become their premium dealer for the Detector DUO. Companies, like Vacu Digga, Sure Search, Cardno AUS, RMS, Hunter Ground Search and many professional locate companies have come to depend on the DUO for locating critical assets. Advanced systems like the Hi MOD Stream EM take GPR to the next level with dedicated 3D mapping software. Before making a decision on GPR equipment IDS should be at the top of your list

Sewerin water& gas leak detection

Sewerin have been manufacturing Water & Gas leak detection for over 60 years and are regarded as the premium leak detection provider. The Aquaphon A100, Aquatest T10 and Stethophon 04 offer excellent performance for Water Utility Detection and are used by many water authorities including Sydney Water, Hunter Water, Gold Coast Water, South East Water and many councils throughout Australia.

For any enquiries or questions with regard to our product range please contact Access Detection on (02) 9999 0777


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