A newly released report has revealed that the ACT’s water supply met health compliance under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines in 100% of samples taken from customers’ taps during 2012-13.  More than 5,000 routine water samples were taken from a range of catchment areas including taps and reservoirs throughout the year.

The report also details how the organisation performed in delivering amongst the highest quality drinking water in Australia, to around 159,000 households across the ACT and the region.

Each month samplers take 84 random samples from a pool of around 350 sites across our four water service zones, representing North Canberra and Gungahlin; Belconnen; South Canberra, Woden and Weston Creek; and Tuggeranong.

The report also included:

  • 100% compliance on E.coli monitoring
  • A significant drop in taste complaints from 15 to 8
  • An 8% decrease in total water quality issues
  • Maximum daily consumption peak rose by 50ML to 228ML
  • Average per capita consumption rose by 36L per person per day to 312L
  • Water supplied increased by 15%

The report also highlights a drop, to June 2013, in dam storage volume. The new Cotter Dam is already helping to address this, with the ACT now storing more water than ever before. Our Googong and Bendora dams are sitting around 100% full.

“As well as serving Canberra’s growing population of around 380,000 people, there are nearly 40,000 Queanbeyan residents also tapping into our drinking water,” ACTEW Water Managing Director Mark Sullivan said.

“This number will only continue to grow as new suburbs across the ACT are established.

“This report is a clear indication of the continued quality in supply and service that our customers across the region have come to expect.

“It shows clearly where we have recorded improvements during the last year, which drives us to look to continue this trend for our customers across the territory and beyond.”

“At the same time, where our performance has not been up to expectation we will look to improve our outcomes going forward.


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