ActewAGL will increase its natural gas retail prices in the ACT by 4.6 per cent. This price rise is a result of an increase to the cost of ActewAGL supplying natural gas to customers.

For an average ACT customer who uses 45 GJ per annum on the Home Gas Plan this will mean an increase of about $1.38 per week.

General Manager Retail, Ayesha Razzaq said, “We recognise that any price increase can have an impact on the cost of living for ACT residents and we’re here to assist our customers with their energy costs, particularly during the winter months.

“Making a few small changes around your home can also help reduce your winter gas bill. Like minimising the space you heat, time you heat for and temperature setting on your heater. Every degree you reduce your thermostat setting can lower your heating costs by 10 per cent.

“These are just a few ideas. We have over 76 ways to help customers take control of their energy costs listed in the Save Energy section of the website.

“We have a range of measures in place to assist customers who may be experiencing financial difficulty or hardship. And we also offer customers the opportunity to make payment plans or ‘smooth’ their bills using direct debit.”


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