ActewAGL showcases its Disaster Recovery Control Room, zone substation and switching equipment to the Bagladeshi delegation.

Government officials from the Rural Electrician Board of Bangladesh have visited ActewAGL’s Civic Zone Substation Acton in the ACT to discuss strategies and technologies needed to develop a rural electrification scheme in Bangladesh.

ActewAGL Branch Manager Asset and Network Performance Leylann Hinch hosted the delegation and showcased Australia’s Disaster Recovery Control Room, zone substation and switching equipment.

“Earlier this year, ActewAGL became the first distributor in Australia to have visibility and control of our entire low voltage network right up to the customer door,” Mr Hinch said

“Visits like this one are a great opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with international Government officials to help develop strategies and inform foreign energy projects and policies.”

The delegation’s visit was focused on investigating technologies to develop a rural electrification scheme in Bangladesh. The scheme is sponsored by the World Bank.

Canberra was the final stop on the delegation’s itinerary, which included site tours of other distribution network companies and meetings with government agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

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