Taggle Systems adopts NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) which is a standards-based radio technology deployed over cellular networks that is well suited to residential, commercial, and industrial smart water metering in dense urban environments.

Taggle is a leading ecosystem for smart water metering and digital water management in Australia, with 67 council and water utility customers and more than 300,000 smart meters deployed.

To further extend this open ecosystem, Taggle has adopted NB-IoT as a secondary radio standard, and recently announced Taggle’s first NB-IoT transmitting device, the NB3D. The NB3D is a battery powered, add-on telemetry device that is suitable for use with residential, commercial and industrial water meters.

The NB-IoT radio supports low cost, utility-scale deployments using existing NB-IoT cellular networks and is particularly suited to dense urban environments.

Leading innovation

Taggle is well known for its proprietary radio network, the Taggle Byron LPWAN, which was designed by its engineering founders, some of whom were part of the team who invented Wi-Fi.

This network was an Australian innovation that helped position Taggle as the technology leader and first mover in the smart water industry. Much has changed however since those early days where Taggle’s business revolved around the network.

Today, Taggle provides a complete end-to-end smart water metering ecosystem that is open and interoperable, allowing data to flow from different sources through Taggle’s Aqualus Water IoT Platform, into the client’s business applications where it is required, including third party vendor systems.

NB-IoT connectivity complements the Taggle Byron Network, offering flexibility and choice to Taggle customers for their smart water meter deployments. Taggle also has satellite connectivity with Myriota satellite devices, for those remote applications where direct to satellite is the most cost-efficient way to monitor water assets.

At the launch of the NB3D at OzWater, Taggle Chief Executive Officer, David Peters said “Having the flexibility to choose between various radio technologies to suit different environments and applications, provides Taggle customers with unrivalled choice and service options.”

The NB3D records water flow from the connected meter every hour and transmits these readings daily. Taggle’s engineering team have applied their radio innovation expertise in order to optimise the battery life, and hence the NB3D has an expected device life of 15 years*.

Taggle will continue to provide the end-to-end solution including “network as a service” to enable simple procurement and streamlined operations, so the NB3D contains a pre-integrated SIM and Taggle managed NB-IoT communications from existing telco network providers.

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