Key holders don’t want to be overwhelmed with several systems. That is why introducing electronic key cabinets with integration to security or human resource systems is very beneficial.

To prevent being disappointed with unrealistic integration promises, it is wise to be apprehensive when told that a reliable key management system third-party API can be built on-the-fly, without foreseeing the time involved in effectively testing it.

Harcor’s IKLAS already has high-level interfaces to many popular third-party platforms. This easily prevents duplication of data entry, card holders and access control groups, and is achieved via sending real-time transactions to the various platforms.

Some common configuration options include anti- tailgating, which prevents cardholders from exiting the facility if a key has not been returned to the electronic key cabinet.

Other advantages of integration include reduced administrative time, data accuracy, comprehensive reporting, more efficient control and ease of maintenance.

Integrating key management systems

If high-level integration is not a requirement, the IKLAS LITE could be precisely what is needed. This super cost- effective electronic key cabinet includes some features normally only coupled with high-tech electronic key cabinets, like its big brother the IKLAS-ELITE.

The cabinet includes an industrial grade touch screen and many other essential key management attributes. Deciding what systems to use regarding key management can be complex.

That is why Harcor is always looking for better ways to integrate key management systems within the current business environment. From high-level configurations to simple access card integration, Harcor is ready to help you.

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