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Australia’s energy ministers have been asked to approve the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC) new hydrogen and renewable gas rules, marking the potential to establish a national hydrogen industry.

The AEMC recommended rules enable energy ministers to change the national gas and retail regulatory frameworks so that low-level hydrogen gas blends and renewable gases can be safely supplied through existing distribution pipelines to appliances in homes and businesses.

Under the Review’s terms of reference, the AEMC was required to consult upon the proposed rules contained in the final report. Having done this, the AEMC are now publishing the recommended rules.

AEMC Chair, Anna Collyer, says these rules represent critical steps towards the development of a national hydrogen and renewable gas industry.

“The changes we are recommending be made to the framework aim to provide clear ‘rules to the game’ for future potential investors, and pilot projects that are taking those key steps today,” Ms Collyer said.

“We want to ensure those investors can confidently make informed decisions that will in turn grow the sector, paving the way for a decarbonised economy.

“We can’t know exactly what shape a net zero power system will take, but we can define the problems we need to solve to get there and create space for innovation to find the solutions.”


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