The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has begun a review of rules for embedded networks, at the request of the COAG Energy Council.

The review will explore a range of retail market issues including whether electricity customers in embedded networks have appropriate customer protections.

Embedded networks can include caravan parks, apartment buildings or shopping centres. They are private networks which serve multiple premises and are located within, and connected to, a distribution or transmission system in the national electricity market through a parent connection point.

The review was recommended by the commission’s final determination of the embedded networks rule change request in December 2015.  

The review will identify and assess any issues for embedded network customers under the National Energy Retail Law and National Energy Retail Rules and identify appropriate solutions.

Issues considered will include:

  • The exemption framework for exempt network service providers and exempt retailers
  • Customer protections for embedded network customers
  • Barriers to embedded network customers accessing competitive retail energy offers

The review will be informed by the experiences of embedded network customers. The AEMC will be publishing a consultation paper in April 2017, which will outline key issues and questions for stakeholders and will call for written submissions.

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