AER Chair, Paula Conboy, has argued that the current regulatory framework in Australia is well placed to deal with the significant changes that are currently occurring in Australia’s energy markets.

Speaking at the ENA’s Reorientating Regulation forum, Ms Conboy discussed how changes will deliver greater choice to energy market consumers in how their electricity is delivered and consumed.

“New products and services are emerging, including distributed generation and storage options that provide more options, and consumers that are taking steps to actively manage their energy usage are being rewarded with lower bills.” Ms Conboy said.

“New business models for selling energy are also driving changes to the structure of the market.”

“The regulatory framework is resilient and will generally be able to accommodate these changes. To the extent that changes to the framework are required, existing policy and rule change processes will be able to identify and deal with issues that emerge.’

Ms Conboy also highlighted recent AER initiatives to promote consumer engagement in energy markets.

“Building consumer confidence to engage with energy markets is a key priority for the AER. Our energy price comparison website, Energy Made Easy (, helps customers find the best energy offers for their needs.”

Read Ms Conboy’s speech.

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