AGL’s two-year coal seam gas water irrigation program in Gloucester, NSW has been successfully completed, with more than 50 megalitres of produced water from its gas exploration efforts beneficially reused.

AGL started the main Tiedmans Irrigation Program in April 2013, and will end the program to blend produced water with freshwater for irrigation of fodder crops and pasture on 30 April 2015.

John Ross, Hydrogeology Manager, said a decision was made not to extend the program after careful consideration.

“We’ve been really happy with the results from the Tiedmans Irrigation Program and as we only have a very small volume of produced water left, we made the decision not to apply for an extension of the program,” Mr Ross said.

“As at the end of March we have blended 52 megalitres of produced water from our earlier exploration programs with freshwater, and used 116 megalitres of water in total to irrigate crops including lucerne, triticale and forage sorghum, and an area of improved pasture.

“More than 1000 bales of silage/fodder has been produced to support local agriculture production activities.

Our monitoring reports have confirmed that there has been no impact to adjacent surface water resources and underlying groundwater. There have been no adverse impacts to soils and the fodder has been proven to be suitable as supplementary feed for cattle and sheep.”

The remainder of the produced water will stay in one of the holding ponds at Tiedmans and be treated by reverse osmosis when the water treatment plant is built as part of Stage 1 of the Gloucester Gas Project.

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