AGL has launched a new website, providing its customers with personalised recommendations for sustainable switches that can lead to carbon and financial savings. 

The site, Electrify Now, will help residential customers understand their carbon savings if their home switched to solar, battery, heat pump hot water, reverse cycle space heating, induction cooktops or an electric vehicle (EV), with customers able to pick and choose which upgrade suits their budget and lifestyle.

An all-electric home emits less carbon emissions by installing solar panels and replacing devices like gas hot water heaters and petrol cars with modern, efficient electric products.

To calculate the benefits of upgrading to more efficient energy products, customers enter their details into the Electrify Now platform, which uses their unique energy data and profile to calculate an estimated energy bill and carbon savings specific to that customer and their energy use.

Where possible, it also provides the payback period of their investment and connects customers to AGL’s network of third-party trusted installers to help kickstart their electrification journey.

AGL Chief Customer Officer Jo Egan said the Electrify Now platform’s data-driven personalised recommendations are designed to help customers make an informed decision about investing in an all-electric lifestyle.

“AGL understands that upgrading to a more energy efficient home can be confusing and complex for homeowners. We’ve created Electrify Now to simplify this process and assist customers to access the benefits of a more electric home,” Ms Egan said.

“By providing personalised recommendations and linking customers to AGL’s trusted network of third-party installers, customers are equipped to make the best decision to suit their home and budget. Some of the recommendations include the benefits of installing solar and batteries, and the replacement of gas appliances, as well as providing the payback period of the investment.”

Ms Egan said AGL is supporting customers in finding ways to reduce energy costs and lower emissions, and is a key focus of AGL’s new accelerated decarbonisation strategy.

“Electrification is the future and AGL is pleased to see state and federal governments rolling out policies that support energy efficiency and electrification technologies for homes and businesses.

“AGL is committed to enabling the electrification of our customers’ homes, while considering issues of affordability. As cost-of-living pressures continue to impact Australians, AGL is here to support customers in making affordable energy choices, while also considering their carbon footprint.”

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