Burdekin Shire Council (QLD) will recommence air scouring reticulated water mains as part of its continuing program to deliver the highest quality water to residents.

Operations Manager, Wayne Saldumbide, said complaints about dirty water had fallen dramatically since Council began air-scouring in 2012 and the recent commissioning of four new bores on Rossiters Hill.

“We have seen a significant drop in the number of dirty water complaints,” he said.

“Last month Council had received only three complaints, so our strategy is having a positive effect on the quality of our water.”

Mr Saldumbide said residents would be notified individually by letter drop if they were going to lose water.

“There will be the potential for some dirty water in localised areas after the scouring is complete, but this should settle within a couple of days,” he said.

“Our team will start on Rossiters Hill before moving on to South Ayr and the northern areas of Ayr.”

Air scouring is a process where water is removed from the pipe and then reintroduced slowly with pressurised air to create turbulence which removes any built up deposits on the pipe walls.

Scouring works will be conducted between 9am and 3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to minimise disruption to working residents and parents with school-aged children. Council apologises for any inconvenience.

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