Yarra Valley Water’s Amaroo Sewer Main project, running between Craigieburn and Donnybrook, has been completed, and will help support the growth in population of communities in Melbourne’s north.

photo-shoot-26The Amaroo Main Sewer is the first stage of a $400 million investment over the next few years in water and sewerage infrastructure which will service the growing population.

Yarra Valley Water Managing Director Pat McCafferty said that the Amaroo Main Sewer is a critical part of future infrastructure which will serve proposed developments in Melbourne’s Northern Growth Corridor.

“The sewer which was completed six months ahead of schedule, stretches over 8kms long between Craigieburn and Donnybrook, providing the backbone of the new sewer network that will service over 100,000 new properties, equating to around 300,000 people and supporting around 90,000 jobs in the area.

“In line with Victorian Government’s water plan, Water for Victoria, this project is providing the services we need to deal with the challenges of population growth,” Mr McCafferty said.

Yarra Valley Water’s contractor, John Holland, started construction works in June 2015.

During construction, up to 70 people were working on site over the 24-month construction period. While the sewer is complete, it will carry flows from early 2018 upon completion of ancillary projects and connections to developments.

John Holland’s Project Manager Ken Muir stated that the team were proud of their achievements on the project.

“The project was delivered early with all the criteria of a successful job having been met notably; a satisfied client and a community appreciative of the work having been undertaken. John Holland looks forward to continuing their relationship with Yarra Valley Water with their ongoing development plans.”

The project was a massive investment in the region but also of massive physical scale. For installation of the sewer, 20 vertical shafts were excavated with a total depth almost as deep as the Eiffel Tower is tall.

The project also included the trenchless installation of four crossings of the Melbourne to Sydney Railway and crossings of the Merri Creek, Malcolm Creek and Hume Freeway.

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