A new pipeline coating solution for HDD and thrust boring applications has the unique ability to be applied at the job site – providing substantial cost and schedule savings.

The FiberTec pipe protection system brings unprecedented coating toughness to the coating of pipes being used in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications.

FiberTec is a shop or field applied abrasion resistant overcoat, which protects the original factory coating during HDD and thrust bore applications.

FiberTec is a flexible, pre-impregnated polyester mat that consists of resins, fiberglass and special fillers. The longwearing shield of the FiberTec pipe protection system offers optimal mechanical protection during an HDD installation.

Globally, FiberTec has made a substantial contribution to the success of more than 50 horizontal drills, some of these exceeding 25km of 6-48 inch pipes, in soil structures such as gravel, rock, clay and sand.

On site, FiberTec is easy to process, and requires only a cutting table, Stanley knife and daylight to cure

FiberTec is not only suitable for protecting coated steel pipes and plastic pipes against mechanical stress but can also be used for other applications, such as subsurface-to-surface joints, pipe clamp underlays, linings, etc. In short, wherever there is a need for high resistance to indentation and impacts, FiberTec offers the optimum protection.

FiberTec is available in Australia through Universal Corrosion Coatings, who can provide materials, train applicators, or provide a full turnkey supply and application service.

For more information, contact Universal Corrosion Coatings on 03 9310 3515 or visit

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