In keeping with our reputation for introducing cutting-edge technology to the Australian Market, Austeck announces its new partnership with German pioneer, Kummert.

Perhaps best known for the unique and quite revolutionary CamFlex® lateral inspection system, Kummert has been the company to watch in pipeline inspection technology over the past 5 years. Their “think outside the square” approach to age old problems has gained them international recognition and renown and secures their position at the forefront of industry innovation and development.

The defining feature of the CamFlex® system is the vermicular movement by which it navigates its way from mainline pipes into lateral lines. Unlike anything else currently available on the market, the patented mechanism enables unprecedented flexibility and durability, which, coupled with the integrated upright picture module, provides for effortless navigation of complete pipeline networks from a single inspection opening. A further development of the CamFlex® system has seen the incorporation of GPS and inclination sensors that facilitate the full “3D” mapping of pipe networks with astonishing accuracy. This is a technology that truly has to be seen to be believed.

The latest and possibly most anticipated development from Kummert to date however is the new CamMobile® Crawler. Capable of inspecting pipes from 150mm through to 1000mm in diameter it is the only system on the market to cover that range from a single crawler/camera configuration and is capable of traversing that range from a single setup. Propelled via 4 independent, optically controlled, brushless, direct drive motors the CamMobile® Crawler delivers 50% more power than other crawlers in its class with minimal wear and tear. An inbuilt accelerometer ensures that the unit always stays centred in the invert of the pipe by automatically adjusting the power distribution to each of the motors when the need arises.  The integrated lowering hook and claw ensure the unit can be simply and safely lowered in and out of manholes and maintenance shafts without risk of injury to the operator or damage to the equipment.

Despite these attributes the most groundbreaking aspect of the CamMobile® Crawler is in fact not the crawler itself but the camera. Utilising the latest Progressive Motion Still technology the camera captures images with unparalleled clarity while the strobing LED (24 flashes per second) light source reduces the power consumption by 80%. The digitally enabled “human perspective” camera view with intuitive joystick control make the system the most user friendly on the market.

Completing the system are the fully automatic cable drum, that holds up to 320m of cable yet is still light enough be lifted with one hand, and the CamMobile® Profi 3 control consol. Fully Windows based and WinCan compatible, the Profi 3 is portable, easy to use and robust. But, perhaps most importantly, putting functionality aside, the system is without doubt the most serviceable and ergonomically engineered we have ever seen. Major components inside the system are accessible within minutes as opposed to hours eliminating the arduous dismantling and rebuilding requirements of cumbersome and over complicated assemblies common to other brands. Component level repair is now a thing of the past resulting in dramatically less downtime with increased reliability and productivity.

The Kummert system is sure to be greeted with the same interest and enthusiasm here in Australia as it has been overseas.

All equipment is covered by Austeck’s Serviced Lifetime Warranty (conditions apply).

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