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Introducing iLINQ, B&R’s modular, bayable enclosure system.

Recently, B&R released iLINQ – a modular, bayable enclosure system that offers a superior user experience through greater flexibility and modularity during assembly, fit-out and installation. The design process for iLINQ was driven by customer insight and a highly evolved understanding of how the product needed to perform in all types of environments and applications.

“The design of iLINQ was brought together over years of research, design and product testing with a variety of specialists from automation and control engineers to procurement managers and electrical switchboard builders. As a result, we can be confident that iLINQ can be a serious contender in the market of bayable enclosure solutions” said B&R’s Product Manager and project leader Julian Spencer.

At the core of the iLINQ value proposition is modularity, efficiency, flexibility and strength. A key point of difference about iLINQ is its unique symmetrical design which starts with the frame foundation rail. Based on 25mm increments, the frame rail allows users to position mounting pans on all axes and intersect matrix rails on the same plane- ultimately maximising the usable space of the enclosure.  The rail which is galvanised, pre-punched, roll-formed, ultrasonically welded and re-galvanised is mechanically fastened with B&R’s patented corner tripod. The hinging design of iLINQ allows for a 170° door opening and due to the symmetrical iLINQ design, any combination of doors, hinged cladding can be fitted to any side.

“We recognise that product is only one part of the package and have spent considerable time setting up our manufacturing process and assembly and distribution strategy to ensure we are able to respond effectively to supply expectations of our customers. And a key part of that strategy is making sure we can give our customers enough information across a variety of platforms to find the best solution” stated Julian.

You can watch a video or order a brochure here.

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