A number of Australian water companies have joined with water companies from across the world to form the World Water Innovation Fund, with the aim to develop and accelerate the use of new technologies.

The ambitious multi-million dollar fund aims to pool the intellect, resources and funding of some of the world’s most forward looking water companies to protect this precious resource against the growing challenges of climate change and population growth.

Members have each committed resources and investment to a central fund which will then be used to develop innovative techniques and undertake trailblazing research. Members will each conduct a number of large-scale trials of new technologies, and will create a seed-fund that aims to accelerate water innovation across the world.

An example would be collaborating with leading researchers and manufacturers to develop robotic products that can be standardised for the water industry that could actively seek, locate and even repair leaks inside pipes.

The fund will have a direct benefit to at least 50 million customers but crucially, it will share and publish its findings, allowing customers all around the world to benefit.

South East Water‘s Research and Development Manager, David Bergmann, said, “At South East Water, we want to be part of making a better world. That starts locally, and now we have a chance to be a part of the Water Innovation Fund globally.

“We’re excited about what digital technology can bring to traditional assets and ways of operating. Making systems smart means that we know exactly what’s going on at any moment in time.”

The water companies that have signed up span three continents and are:

  • From the UK – Severn Trent and United Utilities
  • From the Americas – LADWP and DC Water from the US, and Aegea from Brazil
  • From Australia – Hunter Water, Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and City West Water

Further information about the fund and the companies who have signed up can be found at

Lauren ‘LJ’ Butler is the Assistant Editor of Utility magazine and has been part of the team at Monkey Media since 2018.

After completing a Bachelor of Media, Communications and Professional Writing at the University of Wollongong in 2014, and prior to writing about the utility sector, LJ worked as a Journalist and Sub Editor across the horticulture, hardware, power equipment, construction and accommodation industries with publishers such as Glenvale Publications, Multimedia Publishing and Bean Media Group.

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