Irrigators in the town of Gogeldrie in New South Wales have expressed their satisfaction with how the newly automated Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) outlets, complementing their on-farm automation systems.

Irrigator, Dallas Stott, said he is excited to have an automated outlet, as his on-farm irrigation structures have been automated for a number of years.

“Having the MI outlets now automated is allowing me to take full advantage of my own on-farm automation – it’s just brilliant,” Mr Stott said.

Trials at outlet sites were established to assess two independent suppliers in early 2017.

The trails concluded at the end of the 2016/2017 irrigation season, with Rubicon being selected as the preferred supplier of the automated SlipGate.

The SlipGate can be retrofitted to existing structures so installation is very quick for those wanting to keep the existing outlet capacity.

IREC Chairman, Rob Houghton, said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for farmers to modernise their irrigation supply system, or indeed cancel their outlets altogether.

“Installation of the channel structures had its challenges due to summer crop irrigation requirements and rainfall interruptions,” Mr Houghton said.

“But the progress made has been outstanding, with a continued high level of cooperation between farmers, contractors and MI, making sure the outlet installation was a smooth process.”

“The automation of our water supply system will deliver the best outcomes for our irrigation businesses.”

The automated gates will be linked to an Aquamonix electromagnetic meter, with installation of outlets on Division three commencing early 2018. 

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