Sydney Water has has launched a new online Water Map tool to make it easier for customers to find details about planned and unplanned water outages happening in their area.

In testing since April 2015, the online map has now officially launched with a version optimised for mobiles.

Kevin Young, Managing Director at Sydney Water said, “Keeping customers informed about leaks and breaks in a timely manner is critical to minimising inconvenience. So we are updating our Water Map every 10 minutes to reflect status changes from our field crews, to better inform our customers.”

Sydney Water supplies over 1.4 billion litres of drinking water to homes and businesses each day.

In doing so, our network experiences about 50 planned outages and 600 unplanned outages per month.

Unplanned outages (otherwise known as leaks and breaks) are an unavoidable reality for water utilities around the world.

They are a result of various factors, including ground movement, wear and tear and changes in water pressure, rainfall and temperature.

Since April 2015, Sydney Water’s Water Map has attracted over 23,000 page views with users spending an average of five minutes per visit.

Julie Hegarty, Councillor at Pittwater Council said, “The Water Map is a fantastic tool for Sydneysiders to find out, in near real-time, what is happening with their local water supply. The new mobile version is especially useful for those who are on-on-the-go.”

Customers can access Sydney Water’s Water Map.

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