Pro-Ring™ are a lightweight, high strength alternative to concrete riser rings, allowing councils and contractors to accurately raise and seal manholes to grade on new and existing MH’s. Pro-Ring™ is used by dozens of councils and contractors across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, ACT and South Australia.

Manufactured of Expanded Polypropylene (ARPRO®) Pro-Ring™ are extremely tough, durable and can withstand trafficable loads including heavy vehicles. Independent lab testing is conducted to trafficable Class D loading (AS3996:2019) and there are a number of long-term case studies demonstrating Pro-Ring™ suitability with high traffic and heavy vehicle environments.

A new 100 year service life

Pro-Ring™ was originally developed with a 50 year service life and, over the years, Pro-Ring™ have demonstrated little to no decline in performance or integrity. In comparison, concrete and mortar systems often crack and fail, particularly where shims and packers are used to get the right height. This is not a problem encountered with Pro-Ring™ due to the wide range of heights available, the interlocking tongue and groove arrangement, and the high quality structural adhesive/sealant used.

ISC Services is continuously looking at how it can help its customers to reduce overall costs and increase longevity and value of their assets. With this in mind, and with the company’s ongoing desire to continue to test Pro-Ring™ and demonstrate it’s full potential, it was decided to undertake a long term evaluation of Pro-Ring™ under accelerated ageing conditions.

The 100 year Accelerated Age Performance Evaluation

Accelerated ageing of polymers is conducted following standards, including ASTM D3045. Essentially, Pro-Ring™ were placed in an oven at 80°C for 569 days (81.25 weeks) before being removed and visually inspected, measured, weighed and tested for compressive strength and tensile strength, with comparison made between the new product and the 100 year aged Pro-Ring™.

After the 100 year ageing evaluation, Pro-Ring™ showed very little visual difference, and maintains strength and performance with both compressive strength and tensile strength changing by less than 10 per cent.

While Pro-Ring™ were already a great alternative to concrete – by reducing avoidable manual handling injuries and being a quicker and easier installation than concrete – the results show a doubling of the expected service life from 50 to 100 years, which in turn doubles your ROA when using Pro-Ring™. 

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