Imagine a simple solution for fleet management which maximises efficiency, minimises cost and improves the security and safety of your vehicles and drivers. Would you like the solution customised to suit your unique needs?

The answer is two10degrees’ award-winning Global Alerting Platform for Fleet solution, which equips clients with tools for emergency alerting, message routing, location tracking, scheduled reporting, dashboard analytics and much more.

The Global Alerting Platform (GAP) from two10degrees enables users to quickly and easily locate their organisation’s people and things anywhere in the world.

Two10degrees is part of the Australian-owned and -operated Nova Group, the parent company for professional services provider Nova Systems and geospatial firm Geoplex.

It has combined its breakthrough technology with some of the world’s best dedicated devices and complimentary services to create market-ready solutions.

Connecting the Essential Energy fleet

Gap for Fleet was selected by Essential Energy for its In Vehicle Management System (IVMS) requirements for approximately 2,000 vehicles.

Responsible for building, operating and maintaining the electricity distribution network for regional, rural and remote NSW, Essential Energy has vehicles on the road 24/7.

Following an accelerated installation program, and the fastest GAP for Fleet rollout of this magnitude while also adapting to the challenges of a global pandemic, the system  went live in December 2020 providing:

  • Real-time location information for 2,000 vehicles using both satellite and cellular networks for full state coverage
  • Real-time duress notification from any location
  • Accident and rollover reporting with second-by-second data reconstruction
  • “Geo-fencing” of high-risk zones, such as areas impacted by fire, flood or extreme weather, alerting the business to teams approaching danger zones, including importing information from emergency services
  • Both push (scheduled) and pull reporting of all IVMS performance criteria
  • Dashboarding of fleet data, with supporting visualisation of key metrics such as total fleet km per unit time
  • System and data integration with existing ERP and other systems, including implementation of single sign-on authentication

Reducing risk

Essential Energy’s vision was to “provide an effective and simple solution to lower the driving risk” for its workforce,  and those the business shares the roads with.

Drivers and business leaders have access to their own reports and are empowered to self-assess and improve driving behaviour using the reporting insights.

“The driver behaviour and fatigue metrics are showing that we are lowering our road risk for our employees and the broader community,” Michael Mills, IVMS Project Manager and Regional Fleet Lead at Essential Energy, said.

“Data based conversations support the improvement, as does the increased awareness of our decision-making and behaviours on the road. Both of these points demonstrate the value an IVMS system can add, to both business and road safety alike.”

Included in the IVMS is a duress “panic” button, with communications across both cellular and satellite networks; so it doesn’t matter where an asset is in the country, a team member can call for emergency assistance.

Right fleet, right place, right time

Operating a fleet involves significant cost and exposure to risk to any business. Doing so in an effective and efficient manner is key to delivering value to the customer.

From this perspective, balancing the risk, performance and the cost of the fleet through data based decision-making is vital.

“Essential Energy has been able to utilise the easily accessible metrics provided by the system to support condition-based asset and maintenance strategies,” Michael Mills said.

“This means adaptive and informed decisions can be made about individual assets, to optimise the cost, risk and performance at both an asset and fleet level, benefiting our customers and broader stakeholders alike.”

Flexible and customisable

Two10degrees is serious about delivering a unique and customised experience for every client – from large to small fleets.

“Our whole platform is designed to be customised. Our focus is on our clients and we work with them to discuss their needs and we configure around that,” Paul Weiss, two10degrees Director Business Development and Alliances, said.

“We offer a unique business solution because we have built the Global Alerting Platform from the ground up to readily connect new devices and communications systems, with customisable applications and APIs that allows us to deliver unique customer solutions that integrate with their existing enterprise systems.

“We serve GAP from Microsoft data centres in the markets we deliver to, ensuring data sovereignty and cloud performance metrics are managed to customer expectations.

“Our development and operations team in Australia assures quality of complex multi-sensor dual-mode installations, responsive implementation of customisations, and timely resolution of any issues as they arise.”

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