Forget New York City – New Work City boasts the largest office building in Germany. The Squaire is where modern business meets luxury lifestyle in the midst of cutting edge architecture.

Opened in 2011, The Squaire is located directly on top of a train station that adjoins Frankfurt Airport. The building boasts a length that is twice the height of the Eiffel Tower and 145,000 square metres of total floor area.

Known as a “groundscraper” due to its medium-rise design that spreads horizontally instead of vertically, it embodies the pursuit of architecture that communicates with citizens and the street.

Construction of The Squaire involved 20,000 tonnes of steel, 60,000 cubic metres of concrete, 7,000 doors, 2,000 glass panes and 97 lifts and escalators make up the impressive mega-structure.

Two sophisticated systems that are integral to the smooth functioning of the property are the drinking water installation and heating systems – no small feat considering they’re situated at the heart of Germany’s largest air travel hub.

Such a large-scale project can be a challenge – however Viega, a world leader in press-fit technology, has extensive experience in providing tailored, effective solutions for international facilities such as The Squaire.

One of the main considerations for an establishment such as this is the fact that all systems need to cope with 24/7 demand 365 days a year, and be able to work alongside a number of other systems.

Viega’s Sanpress Inox stainless steel and Prestabo galvanised steel press-fit piping systems were utilised in the creation of heavy duty piping networks throughout the entire building – including offices, stores, restaurants, conference facilities, a childcare centre and even doctor’s offices.

Viega’s systems are able to not only meet these needs, but also go above and beyond to ensure the long term reliability and consistent quality of the building’s drinking water and heating operations.

Viega’s Smart Connect-Feature, a patented feature of Viega’s press-fit piping systems, enabled a safer and faster form of connection than welding.

If a joint has not been pressed, the leak will show up instantly during testing, even with very low pressure, and it can be pressed without draining the line, eliminating possible issues in a later stage of construction.

This means the installation of extensive piping systems such as those inside The Squaire can be coordinated and completed with greater work safety, speed and reliability.

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