After releasing the latest ES-FLOW ES-1x3C in 2021, Bronkhorst is now releasing a new model of the ES-FLOW family: the ES-1x2C. 

This flow meter will cover the flow range just below the existing ES-1x3I or ES-1x3C.

The market for low liquid flow range of ≤1000 kg/h or l/h measurement and control is an important segment to Bronkhorst, due to its size and expected future growth.

The ES-FLOW product series offers a good performance of ≤ 0.8% Rd at a very economic price level. Mini CORI-FLOW offers an even higher performance, but this high performance level at ≤ 0.2% Rd is not always required. 

Both flow meter series always include the same unique Bronkhorst features such as on-board PID-controller, totaliser & alarm functions and many communication buses, followed up by the dedicated Bronkhorst sales and service network. 

By bringing the ES-1x2C and ES-1x3C models to the market, Bronkhorst is able to offer the low liquid flow market economically priced flow measurement products.

The ultrasonic flow meters ES-1x2C and ES-1x3C are compact, versatile (e.g. liquid independent), easy to clean, have a low-pressure drop in relation to sensor diameter, and equipped with advanced signal processing (e.g. dosing functionality).

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