TasWater has taken over the water and sewerage services in Bronte Park, Tasmania, after an agreement with the previous owner, Bronte Holdings.

The transfer marks the culmination of an ongoing development approval process involving the Central Highlands Council.

A Temporary Boil Water Alert has also been put in place, with residents required to boil any water they consume.

The requirement for a Temporary Boil Water Alert follows a risk assessment by TasWater which identified potential risks to public health based on contemporary standards.

The legal requirements for TasWater are different to those regulating private operators and require a more cautious response.

TasWater’s CEO Michael Brewster said, “In light of our legal obligations, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has confirmed that we are obliged to put a Temporary Boil Water Alert in place.”

This means all water used for human consumption must first be boiled.

This includes water used for washing salad and other vegetables to be eaten uncooked, for cleaning teeth and for the preparation of baby formula.

Mr Brewster said, “This approach is consistent with how we manage other water supplies.

“Water samples have been taken in the Bronte Park system over recent weeks and these will continue.

“We need to review the operations at Bronte Park to ensure that the current infrastructure is reliable and this information, together with sampling results, will be provided to the DHHS. Until this process is completed, a temporary boil water alert will remain in place,” Mr Brewster said.

Details of the Boil Water Alert precautions have been mailed to property owners and delivered to properties in Bronte Park.

Following the transfer to TasWater, customers in Bronte Park will in future receive accounts for water and sewerage services.

However as consultation is underway with the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator, no accounts will be issued until a pricing structure has been finalised.

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