Industry insights communicate debates on the reshaping of the utility sector, describing changes which will make the sector more different, challenging and exciting than ever before. It looks like the new educated customer and global trends will play a big part.

Learning about your customer’s lifestyle

With a high level of confidence, some market players are being described as enablers – brands that will move from a narrow service offering to a broad range of products, with multiple services bundled.

Research also notes that current pricing based on no energy management incentives will switch to services and solutions being in line with customers’ values and that the customer relationship will change from reactive to proactive, with the emphasis on agility and responsiveness.

The term enabler can also refer to a lifestyle enabler according to other subject matter experts. It looks like enablers with the most innovative product and customer-centric mindset will lead the change from the supplier side.

The customer’s mindset might change from being uninterested in the utility sector to being highly informed, looking for options that will complement their own specific energy needs.

Outstanding connection with the customer

This significant and expected change will provide even more freedom of choice as well as technological capabilities for consumers to manage their spend.

To be able to partner with this new customer (yes, partnering might be the best word to describe this new relationship), this new lifestyle enabler will have to know them better to be able to develop creative business strategies and product offerings.

Partnering will mean understanding the lifestyle of the customer, and their needs and preferred interaction channels. How can utilities develop this excellent customer understanding and create business value from collected and created data, which will be one of the critical drivers of the change?

Acceleon Customer Cloud

Besides fast and straightforward search information, such as details of where the customer lives now or how many times they have changed addresses, Acceleon Customer Cloud can deliver a wealth of secondary information.

Consumer type search features

  • Fuzzy name searching which handles misspelled names or aliases
  • Over 300 million residential records, including 20+ years of historical data and 25 million current records
  • Email list validation option

Business searches have

  • Match logic which determines whether two business names are the same
  • 30,000 telephone directory updates every day of newly-listed or disconnected numbers
  • Search across our exclusive Classified Business Directory with over three million current and historical records of company addresses
  • ASIC-approved information and nine years of current and historical ABR data

Data enhancement

  • Proven database segmentation schemes
  • Deep geospatial data science expertise
  • Industry-leading geo-media targeting solutions

GeoSmart by RDA Research is a proven and powerful segmentation that assigns all Australian consumers and households to one of 55 segments within eleven groups. GeoSmart has been built to maximise differences in socioeconomic status, wallet size, spending patterns, family mix, media consumption and behavioural response.

How to manage these large pools of data or integrate them with your systems?

The API integration is an advanced and customised version of integrating Acceleon Customer Cloud into your systems. Acceleon’s technology offers two types of APIs, standardised for customers that have the knowledge and resources to implement the process, and custom APIs where we scope the problem and build a custom API to integrate directly into your systems, removing the need for manual intervention.

Besides the best quality data, Acceleon’s platform delivers trust, reliability and the industry gold standard for compliance in the Australian market, allowing our clients to focus on data benefits and turning customer relationships into partnerships.

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