Nexans Mobiway™ Boost, a revolutionary cable spool management system that challenges a longstanding industry standard, addresses the inconveniences associated with traditional spools, offering seamless solutions. 

Designed with the user in mind, the inner drum within the cable spool ensures a safer unspooling and rewinding process, whereas its integrated handle provides convenient and ergonomic carrying, a feature which improves overall handling. Mobiway™ Boost is an innovative spool system that revolutionises cable installation, elevating efficiency and safety. 

In order to meet the most demanding electrical installation needs, Nexans Mobiway™ Boost’s integrated carry handle and wheel inside the spool system make the transportation and rewinding or unspooling a breeze. For effortless transportation, Mobiway™ Boost is equipped with a carry handle which provides a convenient and ergonomic carrying whereas the integration of an inner drum within the cable spool ensures a safer unspooling and rewinding process. Nexans Mobiway™ Boost re-imagines traditional cable management with its user-centric innovation, promoting workplace safety and fostering a more user-friendly and engaging work environment.

Designed with sustainability at its core, Nexans Mobiway™ Boost not only minimizes waste reducing landfill impact, but also decreases the need for raw material mining contributing to a more sustainable electrification. The spool has been eco-designed to reduce its environmental footprint because it can be respooled and reused multiple times. 

In a move away from the unsustainable use of single-use spools, Mobiway™ Boost – a returnable and reusable solution, leads to a significant decrease in energy consumption. With improved meter marking and additional cable length on each spool, it minimizes scrap cable and maximises usage value. 

Through the implementation of recyclable and reusable initiatives, we can significantly contribute to waste reduction in landfills and minimize the impact of mining, achieving energy savings. 

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