Featured image: Group image of the CAPS team with the CAAA award. Image courtesy of CAPS.

The Compressed Air Association of Australasia (CAAA) recently announced CAPS Australia as the winner of the inaugural CAAA Safety Award.

The winner was judged as having the best system, work procedure or tooling idea that improves the safety of the compressed air industry.

CAPS Australia’s winning submission was in recognition of their implementation of technology, usually used for caravans and boat trailers, into their warehouses for safer, easier and more efficient transport of compressors.

CAPS Australia’s Engineering Workshop Supervisor, Daniel Bain, said the lightweight tool can easily be operated by a single person and it eliminates the need for forklifts to do the same job, minimising manual handling risks, noise pollution and harsh diesel fumes in the workshop.

“Having already implemented rigorous safety protocols and standards, the addition of the Force 4K-ISC MOVER has greatly reduced potential accidents in our work environment. Already, we are seeing benefits in safety, operational efficiency and scalability,” Mr Bain said.

The CAAA is an organisation that drives safety, innovation and the reduction of environmental impact in the compressed air industry. The CAAA safety award is an initiative to recognise and share work to improve safety.

CAPS CEO, Tony Halls, said that the company is excited to continue being an industry leader for safety and said the company will gladly share what it learns in order to contribute to a safer industry overall.

“This award not only signifies our commitment to top-tier safety practices but is also a testament to the dedication, hard work, and collaborative spirit of our entire team. Our submission which won the award, was just one of many put forward from across our organisation, underscoring our collective vision for a safer workplace,” Mr Halls said.

“At the heart of CAPS Australia is our unwavering belief that safety is paramount. It’s embedded in our company ethos that everyone should return from work each day in the same condition they arrived. The CAAA Safety Award reinforces our dedication to this principle, assuring our clients, partners, and employees of our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards.

“We will continue to make safety not just a priority, but a value that defines us.”

Featured image: Group image of the CAPS team with the CAAA award. Image courtesy of CAPS.

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