Central Highlands Water (CHW) Board of Directors, has appointed an Independent Aboriginal Delegate to add a First Nations perspective for Central Highlands Water Board.

Ballarat local, and proud Adnyamathanha Yuru, Shu Brown, has been appointed as the Independent Aboriginal Delegate. With a strong passion for land, water, fire management, and cultural and heritage awareness, Mr Brown will be a valuable addition to the CHW Board’s discussions. 

He will advise and support the water authority to achieve its environmental and community strategic aspirations, as they relate to the important connection and care for healthy land and waterways.

“I am thrilled to join CHW’s Board of Directors as an Independent Aboriginal Delegate and am looking forward to the opportunity to develop my board governance skills, as well as share my cultural and community experience and knowledge,” Mr Brown said.

“There is so much still to be learnt about how best to manage and share water, community and environmental priorities, and how to incorporate this knowledge into decisions on the management of our very precious resources.”

Angeleen Jenkins said she was delighted to welcome Mr Brown to CHW’s Board, recognising the significance of ensuring that there is a First Nations’ perspective and contribution to the governance, utilisation and management of water resources.

“This is a significant position and Mr Brown’s input will enhance the Reconciliation work of CHW across the region, by strengthening our understanding of First Nations peoples’ strong spiritual connection to water in Aboriginal culture and identity, and the longstanding commitment to care for and protect water resources,” said Ms Jenkins.

“It is vital that the voices of First Nations peoples are heard and their views are actively listened to when decisions are made about water and environmental management.”

Managing Director of CHW, Jeff Haydon said, “Mr Brown brings a depth of invaluable knowledge, experience and stakeholder relationships to the position. He will have a meaningful and ongoing impact on CHW’s decisions in his role as Independent Aboriginal Delegate, providing a voice for First Nations’ communities across the region.”

Mr Brown has a strong connection to the CHW service area, since he was a child and manages the Cultural & Therapeutic Team at the Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative (BADAC). 

He works extensively to provide Cultural and Therapeutic support, ensuring that people connect back to culture and country first as part of their own health and well-being journey. Through art, music, gardening, history and cultural practices, the importance of grounding, connection to country and self has become more important in recent years and is proving to be a significant step in one’s healing and recovery.

The Victorian Government is committed to Aboriginal self-determination and will begin formal treaty negotiations this year. Water entities across the state are working with Traditional Owners to support their aspirations to heal Country through participating in water management.

Feature image: Ballarat local, and proud Adnyamathanha Yuru, Shu Brown. Provided by Central Highlands Water.

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