Water Corporation will begin work to renew 3.1km of original water mains on Oxford street and Walcott Street in Perth, which were installed over 100 years ago.

An innovative relining technology will be used to renew the water mains. Pits will be excavated every few hundred meters and a liner is then ‘pulled’ into the existing main from one pit to the next, forming a new plastic lining in the main.

The pit locations have been selected to minimise disruption to road users, businesses and residents, with traffic maintained in both directions where possible.

The projects form part of the Pipes for Perth Program, which will replace or renew 150km of original cast iron water mains by the end of 2018. This program will reduce the likelihood of breaks and would provide a reliable water supply to local residents for decades to come.

Water Corporation began engaging with businesses about this work in December 2016, and will continue to work closely with businesses and local residents to minimise disruption over the coming months.

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