The energy and utility industries are experiencing a period of unprecedented transformation. The traditional one-way relationship between centralised, asset-intensive utilities and the consumer, has been turned on its head.

We have entered a new energy paradigm where the emerging prosumer lies at the heart of a new decentralised and bidirectional energy system and an increasingly electrified economy.

To thrive in this new world, a successful future utility will need to build compelling, integrated value-added services, overcoming complexity to present a personalised and seamless user experience to the customer.

Build: establish a cloud platform fit-for-purpose

This is the time to create cloud-native engagement and collaboration platforms that are flexible and scalable enough to keep up with transforming energy markets, able to integrate disparate data sources, provide deep analytical insight, and exceed increasing customer and stakeholder expectations.

Truly agile utilities require a cloud platform that’s built specifically with energy and water utility business models in mind.

Six questions to ask yourself when selecting a platform

1. Organisational agility

Can you quickly adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, regulations, and new forms of competition?

2. Speed to market

Can you easily configure integrated, multi-product offerings and promptly launch them in the market?

3. Software interoperability

Can you easily integrate internal applications, third-party applications, and future acquisitions?

4. Lower operating cost

Can you minimise the software, hardware, and human resources needed to manage business processes?

5. Frictionless experiences

Can you create personalised and seamless experiences for customers, communities, employees, contractors, partners and regulators?

6. Business transparency

Can you access real-time, predictive analytics to provide deep, actionable insight into business performance?

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