City West Water has launched a new Environmental Sustainability Plan outlining their environmental objectives and programs until 2018.

City West Water Managing Director Anne Barker said the latest ESP represents a new chapter for the business in relation to its environmental responsibilities.

“Environmentally sustainable activities form an integral part of how we operate the business, and aspires to our vision of being a truly sustainable water business,” Ms Barker said. “The new ESP enables us to put our vision into action and demonstrates our commitment to achieving sustainable outcomes for our customers and community.”

The plan focuses on seven environmental priorities for the organisation including management of the water supply, the management of the sewerage system, the use of energy, management of flora and fauna, waste, procurement and climate resilience.

The plan is a key component of the CWW Environmental Management System, which provides the framework for ensuring the delivery of environmental objectives.

The ESP also links to a number of programs where City West Water is collaborating with external stakeholders to enhance the urban habitat. These include the Greening the West program which aims to increase vegetation in the western metropolitan area as well as our commitment to the Healthy Urban Habitat program that promotes sustainable home gardening.

“City West Water has achieved great success in the area of sustainable environmental practice in the past, and the latest ESP will ensure that success continues into the future which benefits the organisation and the community at the same time,” Ms Barker said.

The Plan was put together with considerable input from a Community Liaison Committee made up of a selection of City West Water’s customer base and represents a significant change from previous years, with a five year scope that aligns with the current water pricing period to ensure that objectives have an organisational financial commitment.

In a shift from previous plans, the new ESP is an ‘active document’ in online format – rather than being set for a fixed period, the plan will be updated to reflect the progress of environmental indicators and programs.

The complete ESP is available to view at City West Water’s website.

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