Jennifer Rebeiro, City West Water’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), has received a spot in CIO Australia’s annual CIO50 list as one of Australia’s top 50 senior technology and digital executives. 

Submissions made to CIO Australia’s annual CIO50 list sought to give examples of technology innovation that changed the way an organisation operates, as well as highlighting how technology chiefs collaborated with and influenced the organisation including its leadership team. 

Ms Rebeiro was nominated by City West Water due to her holistic and integrated approach in transforming City West Water’s technology capability over the past two years. 

A key foundation of this was the deployment of strategic integration and automation capabilities (SIA), consisting of an integration platform, business process management, robotic process automation, as well as focusing on building a data and analytics platform and a series of other initiatives. 

Ms Rebeiro said the combination of these powerful tools creates a unique connected capability across the organisation that extends beyond standard business function. 

“City West Water’s innovation has been driven by its desire to become a digital utility with a focus on improved services to customers, evidence-based decision-making through collection of timely data, and improved interoperability across the organisation to achieve operational efficiencies,” Ms Rebeiro said. 

“This challenges the organisation to think about business processes and customer interactions from both a breadth and depth perspective, rather than from an activity-by-activity perspective, putting the customer and employee experience at the heart of everything we do.” 

New capabilities have included online self-service options for customers; improved insights such as outage mapping; optimised business processes that support a mobile workforce and real-time collection of data and metrics to support evidence-based approaches and decision-making. 

“It’s been a privilege working with such a highly motivated IT team who are dedicated to meeting the needs of the business and our customers, who help drive an inclusive and collaborative culture and who are always willing to learn and grow through new opportunities,” Ms Rebeiro said.

Visit CIO Australia’s website to access the full list.

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