Water Corporation CEO Sue Murphy has been chosen as Australia’s top civil engineer in 2013.

The announcement of Mrs Murphy as the Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year was made by Engineers Australia at a function held in Melbourne.

Chairman Eva Skira said Mrs Murphy thoroughly deserved the honour and was among a cohort of high calibre Water Corporation engineers who had served the people of WA very well over many years.

“She has had an outstanding career, and most recently has been steering planning to secure adequate water and wastewater services in Western Australia for the next 50 years,” she said.

“She has had a key role in shaping the state’s future by ensuring that sustainable water services are maintained for all sectors of the community at a demanding and complex time of declining rainfall and increasing competition for water supplies.

“An important outcome has been the success of the nation-leading trial of groundwater replenishment, which enabled the State Government to recently give it the go-ahead as Perth’s next climate independent resource.

“Sue also headed development of Perth’s much-awarded second major seawater desalination plant that set a new world benchmark for energy efficiency.

“In the past few years, innovative new programs by the Water Corporation have produced major gains in water efficiency across WA and are helping to reshape the way we use and think about our water supplies.

“Sue is very active in Australian and international water industry affairs, including in her role as past Chair of the Water Services Association of Australia.”

Mrs Skira said Mrs Murphy had a distinguished earlier career with the Clough Group and was the company’s first female director and CEO of its Minerals and Infrastructure division.

About 2013’s Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year

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