Connecting Australia’s water sector to smarter, real time data – in one place.

KPMG Water Central, powered by the intelligent software platform Arwin, connects all your data sources to create a crystal-clear view of your business in real-time.

It enables you and your team to visualise your entire water asset ecosystem, make more informed decisions, and ultimately helps deliver better staff productivity and customer experience.

KPMG Water Central uses advanced analytics and data visualisation to help you anticipate future events and predict potential operational threats.

Geospatial visualisations give you context on outages alerts and predicted failures, showing the real-time impact of events and helping you respond with speed.

Built in collaboration with the water sector using industry data sets, KPMG Water Central provides a unique opportunity for the Australian water sector to benefit from shared insights, improvements and new use cases – reducing the overall industry spend and cost to deliver benefits.

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