Coliban Water is carrying out water mains cleaning in its Kyneton, Malmsbury and Tylden networks during September and October 2017.

Coliban Water Manager Assets and Operations, Steve Dunlop, said the water mains cleaning works were part of an ongoing maintenance program.

“Our water mains cleaning program is important to ensure the continued delivery of safe drinking water that meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. It also helps in protecting the integrity of our water supply network,” said Mr Dunlop.

A technique called ‘air scouring’ is being used to clean the mains, which involves forcing a mixture of compressed air and water into the mains via a hydrant and out through another hydrant.

“Air scouring removes the natural buildup of sediment that occurs in water mains and, if not removed, can cause discolouration. It also helps maintain chlorine levels to ensure the continued delivery of safe drinking water,” said Mr Dunlop.

The water mains cleaning program for Kyneton will commence on Wednesday 13 September 2017 and be completed within three weeks. The works in Malmsbury and Tylden will follow and will be completed within a week.

In 2016 Coliban Water spent around $200,000 on water main cleaning works in Heathcote, Echuca, Leitchville, Gunbower and Mitiamo. Around 200km of water mains were cleaned by air scouring.

Further water main cleaning works are being planned for Echuca in November 2017 and for Bendigo in the autumn of 2018.

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