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Migrating to the ArcGIS Utility Network (UN) is a significant step for utility network management. However, it can be a large-scale project that seems daunting at first. To maximise the benefits of this new system, ensuring data quality is of utmost importance. That’s why we have designed a comprehensive approach and a suite of tools to streamline your migration and make it as seamless as possible.

Our migration approach

Our structured approach includes the following stages to ensure a smooth and successful transition:

1. Assessing Your Data Readiness

2. Fixing Your Existing Data

3. Gathering Design Requirements

4. Designing the Target Model

5. Migrating the Data to an Asset Package

6. Validating the Asset Package

7. Going Live

Data readiness assessment

The ArcGIS Utility Network thrives on clean data. Unresolved data quality issues, such as stacked points, disconnected features and self-intersections can create errors and impair functionality. To address this, we developed the UN Readiness App, which evaluates your current network data and identifies data quality issues with precision. The app generates a comprehensive spatial report, enabling you to target and rectify these issues effectively.

Fixing your existing data

Our approach is designed for flexibility. You can choose to fix the data yourself, collaborate with a partner, or leverage our expertise to clean your data using our rules-based methodology. Data cleansing is often an iterative process, but the UN Readiness App provides a consistent audit trail to track changes through each iteration. This allows for efficient automation of some edits, saving valuable time.

Gathering design requirements

To meet your organisation’s current and future needs, it is crucial to design an appropriate Utility Network model. While Esri foundation models provide a good starting point, customisations are often necessary based on factors such as your existing data model, current applications, editing requirements, and system integrations. Our comprehensive design process ensures that your model is tailored to support growth and innovation.

Migrating the data to an asset package

An Asset Package acts as a staging database for your Utility Network, allowing for an agile migration approach. Following Esri’s recommendation, we advocate moving your data into this file geodatabase format. Our UN Migration App facilitates shorter iteration cycles, and with our UN Validation App, you can ensure data accuracy before publishing.

Validating the asset package

Migrating data directly into the Utility Network without prior cleaning can lead to numerous errors (known as ‘dirty area errors’) and be extremely time-consuming. By using the Asset Package, we perform multiple iterations to ensure that your data and model are accurate. The UN Validation App checks for data quality and conformance with the configured UN Rules, identifying and resolving issues before going live.

Going live

Once you are confident in your data and model, it’s time to go live on the ArcGIS Utility Network. By using the UN Readiness and UN Validation Apps, you can be assured that your data is fit for purpose and ready for deployment.

Why choose our solution?

Unique features:

  • UN Readiness App: Identifies and reports data quality issues with precision
  • UN Migration App: Facilitates agile data migration to an Asset Package
  • UN Validation App: Ensures data quality and conformance with UN Rules


  • Improved data duality: Clean data ensures optimal functionality and reduced errors
  • Tailored solutions: Customised models to meet current and future organisational needs
  • Efficient process: Iterative approach and automation save time and resources
  • Confidence in migration: Thorough validation processes ensure data integrity before going live

Addressing Common Challenges

  • Our solution effectively addresses common challenges in utility network management, such as:
  • Data quality issues: Automated tools for identifying and correcting errors
  • Complex customisation needs: Comprehensive design process for tailored solutions
  • Migration errors: Robust validation to ensure error-free migration

To hear more about our Utility Network Migration App, we have put together a series of webinars you can download at your convenience:

1. Don’t let dirty data impact your network connectivity

2. Boost the confidence in your data: Validate before you migrate

3. Top tools to consider when moving to the ArcGIS Utility Network | 1Spatial

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your ArcGIS Utility Network migration.

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