The ability to evolve and respond to maturing business needs sets Nova Systems apart. Its Global Alerting Platform for fleet maximises efficiency and minimises costs for business, while keeping people and vehicles safe and secure. The solution has been designed to adapt as needs evolve, protecting against becoming outdated or obsolete.

Global Alerting Platform (GAP) for fleet equips clients with tools for emergency alerting, message routing, location tracking, scheduled reporting, dashboard analytics and much more.

GAP from Nova Systems is both device and communications system agnostic. This enables partnerships with some of the world’s best dedicated devices and complimentary service providers to create market-ready solutions that can be adapted over time as products and client needs evolve.

Customer solution focused

“Nova Systems is not focused on selling us a product in a box,” Andrew Gianarakis, SA Power Networks (SAPN) Head of Fleet and Property, said.

“Throughout our relationship they have been problem solvers, seeking to understand our needs and deliver outcomes that add value to our organisation. This is why we value our long-term relationship, and SA Power Networks continues to integrate new Nova Systems solutions and capability.”

Nova Systems is serious about delivering a customer focused solution for every client – from large to small fleets. “The Global Alerting Platform is designed to be configurable.

Our focus is on our clients, and we work with them to discuss their needs and we build around that,” said Paul Weiss, Nova Systems Director Business Development and Alliances.

“We offer a unique business solution because we have built the Global Alerting Platform from the ground up to readily connect new devices and communications systems, with customisable applications and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow us to integrate with their existing enterprise systems.”

Evolving with the SAPN fleet

SA Power Networks is South Australia’s sole electricity distributor. The company employs more than 2,000 people and operates a distribution network that stretches across South Australia, comprising more than 88,000km of powerlines and hundreds of substations to about a million residential and business customers.

Nova Systems (previously known as two10degrees) has maintained a long-term partnership with SAPN for nine years, supplying In Vehicle Management System (IVMS) capability.

The relationship was founded on Nova Systems’ ability to craft and deliver flexible driver identification solutions that were not otherwise available in the market and to provide detailed real time telematics, cost effectively over satellite for remote vehicles.

Over time, as the size and complexity of the implementation has grown, Nova Systems has provided a range of vehicle hardware and configurations, running across a variety of satellite and cellular carriage services, as suited the data requirements and operating footprint of the various fleet elements.

Regardless of the evolving hardware or carriage services, the Global Alerting Platform has provided both a common user interface, reporting and dashboarding, as well as preserving integrations to SAPN ERP and export of location and status-related data to enterprise field service management solutions.

The deployed solution includes:

• Real-time location information for over 1,200 vehicles and trailers using both satellite and cellular networks for full state coverage

• Real-time duress notification from any location and a range of devices responding to specific needs, including UHF pendants remote from vehicles, sim-enabled belt worn pendants for warehousing and smartphone based lone worker APP for non-vehicle related field work

• Accident reporting with secondby-second data reconstruction

• Geo-fencing of high-risk zones, such as areas impacted by fire, flood or extreme weather, alerting the business to teams approaching danger zones, including importing information from emergency services

• Both push (scheduled) and pull reporting of all IVMS performance criteria

• Dashboarding of fleet data, with supporting visualisation of key metrics such as total fleet kms per unit time

• ATO class approved solutions for Fringe Benefits Tax reporting and Fuel Tax Credit determinations

• System and data integration with existing ERP and other systems, including availability of single sign-on authentication

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