When selecting a generator for your project, it’s critical to consider the right unit for optimal performance, specific applications, final installations and genset configurations.

FG Wilson generators are designed to meet the unique demands of each project and every unit is built for optimal performance in harsh conditions. These robust units provide enough power to support any application, from national grids to domestic use. However, understanding the specifics of the project will make all the difference.

When selecting your generator, it’s important to make sure that it is built for the right application. Specific projects will require a specific build, so getting the upfront configuration of the genset correct to suit the final installation – whether that is in a Data Center power hall or in a canopy sitting in the Pilbara – is an important step in the design process.

By outlining specific performance requirements, including required load acceptance or load profile, ambient performance, control systems or alternator specifications, you can ensure that the genset selection is appropriate during the design phase.

This potentially limits any unnecessary costs for the final overall project and lowers total cost of ownership by optimising parts and service intervals, the costs of which can be calculated and considered during the design process.

Decreasing costs for the long term

Generator fuel and servicing costs often make up the bulk of costs during a project lifecycle for a prime rated generator, so limiting unnecessary costs with the manufacturer during the design phase will ultimately mean savings for the end user.

Using standard or incorrect genset configurations can often lead to design or physical re-work, which can be a costly exercise, especially if major changes are needed to be made to accompany a generator on site. Being specific in these early stages will not only allow your generator to operate at maximum capacity, but will save long-term costs.

The Allight team offers a consultancy to size and build custom gensets to suit your needs and specifications. Its team can work with companies at the design stage of a project to ensure they have selected a product suitable for their application, from design, production, installation and through to aftersales.

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